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Use my Referral address in partners

About the Partner Network Our Partner Network, aka "The Herd", rewards participants for onboarding their direct social networks. Recruit as many to partners with you as you want. Encourage them to do the same. Partner rewards are shared. Partner Rewards are split 50/50 on every deposit and roll: - 1% rewards on deposit - 1% rewards on roll Eligibility and Requirements: - rewards are currently only available for Stampede - accounts must have over 100 TRUNK bonded to be eligible for reward - both partners must meet account minimums before distribution begins to Change your upline “partner” at any time. You are not required to have one at all. Team airdrops downward are automatic due to the 50/50 split. If you set up a partner you will receive bonus rewards of 0.5% on deposits and 0.5% on rolls. The more team members that choose you as a partner, the more you make. Everyone earns bonuses in a first-of-its-kind system. Stampede is 100% solvent and sustainable. Use the "Partner" tab to set your upline partner. Use the "Lookup" tab to verify a team member. More partner people the more rewards for us all.


My Stampede Partner address is 0x09732B866f1496A8f8923A99757b3EC0bA0e1d4B


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